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Share files that are on your phone with your computer 

Share files that are on your phone with your computer 

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Program license: Free

Program by: Xender

Version: 12.3.1.Prime

Works under: Android


Program license

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While it may not have the public exposure that apps like Google Drive or OneDrive do, Xender is an impressive file sharing app, and this Chinese platform is starting to find acolytes in the western world. Despite advances in the industry, sharing large files can be an expensive prospect, and that's especially true when you find yourself limited by phone data plans. Xender is built with the demands of mobile users in mind, and it offers some of the most flexible and useful features around. It may not make the grade for a cross-device file sharing app, but it's a perfect it for users who just want the capabilities of a dedicated file sharing service on your phone.

The principle goal of Xender is to allow users to share a wide variety of different files without having to wear down the mobile data on their phone. And the presence of over 200 million users demonstrates that it's a market that users are looking for. It accomplishes this by using a phone as a hot spot rather than siphoning away data usage. By leaning in to WiFi rather than data connectivity, users can share a seemingly limited number of photos, music, and files without having to worry about the size or cost. Unlike more conventional file sharing apps, Xender is intended for direct person to person trading. That means it's not an ideal choice if you're looking to leave files for friends to pick up later or if you're trying to swap files with multiple members of your office. There are no limitations on file sizes with Xender, and anyone in close proximity can access the files with the proper permissions. While it's not the fastest in the business, Xender can provide transfer speeds that can reach a respectable 10 megabytes per second.

There are a number of additional perks that make Xender worth checking out. While it's not as versatile a cross-platform competitor as larger file sharing services, Xender does offer a web version that allows you to connect a PC or a Mac to an Android or iOS phone. And while Xender's primary purpose is as a file sharing app, it can also add more management capabilities to your phone. The traditional operating system interface for mobile devices aren't especially great at keeping your files in order, but Xender can help with that. There are a number of options for sorting, filing, and deleting apps and files built in to the Xender interface.

Also cool is the option to browse through the files and apps on connected apps without downloading them directly. You can look through photo galleries, see the photos they use, and even listen to music or watch videos without having to go with a proper transfer, and photos can be shared with a single flick of your finger.


  • A smart approach to file sharing that eliminates data usage
  • Capability to access other users' files without a direct transfer
  • Supports a number of different languages


  • Requires both users to have the Xender app on their phone

When you want to share files with people you know or people who are online, consider using Xender.

This is an app that makes it easy to share all types of files. There are even a few different themes to choose from that can make your background stand out. You can send files of any kind at a fast speed. There isn't any playing around when it comes to the transfer.

There aren't any restrictions with the files that are shared. This can sometimes pose a problem with the younger crowd, but as long as the content is monitored, then it shouldn't be an issue. Files that you can share include music, videos and pictures. There isn't a need for an internet connection, which means that you don't have to worry about the amount of data that you use when the app is running. However, if you use the internet, then you'll see that the speed is increased a bit.

You can easily share files across multiple platforms as the app works well with the Android and other devices. Switch mobile data to other files and devices, such as games that you play, videos and pictures that you have stored and messages. Another feature is that you can view the apps that your friends are using and get some of the files that are publicly shared from them. Easily share pictures and your own information simply by sliding the screen. The app is available in several languages that include French and German.


  • Share files of any kind
  • View files of friends
  • Multiple languages


  • Freezes at times
  • Sending and receiving is slowed with updates

Xender is a file transfer program that works with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Xender is the perfect solution for those who are searching for a way to quickly and efficiently transfer files. One of the best features of Xender is that it can simultaneously transfer files to up to four different devices. This makes it perfect for sharing files when working on school projects with your peers.

Another great feature about Xender is that there is no file transfer limit. It also supports Bluetooth file sharing as well. This makes Xender the perfect file transfer program for casual and regular use.